CATERPILLAR 22 октября

22 октября в Москве (Театр «Домик Фанни Белл») состоялось мероприятие «CATERPILLAR».

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Two young and talented friends, graduates of an experimental course run by E. Kamenkovich and D. Krymov at the Russian University of Theatre Arts, have come together to create a delightful and cozy “baby theatre”. Spectators find themselves on a soft green carpet, surrounded by painted herbs and flowers. A glowing egg cracks open and out comes a very friendly, yet very hungry caterpillar. To grow up the baby caterpillar needs to eat right. But where will he find all of that food?

Vera Sokolova and Alina Brovina have created colourful designer string puppets for this show that come to life at the wave of a hand. The main character’s playful companions – the bird, the dog and the monkey – keep the caterpillar and the young spectators busy throughout the show! At the end of the play the children will behold a real miracle – the caterpillar’s transformation – and enjoy crafting a handmade butterfly.

The characters are brought to life by friendly, professional puppeteers who might even let the children pet their puppets. There is no dividing line between the stage and the play area, which means that children can move about freely. But don’t forget that this also means slightly more responsibility for the parents!

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