English Standup Gong Show

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Let's get ready to rumble!Introducing: Gong show, a unique experience in which the comics are competing against the clock and the patience of the audience.The more the audience laughs, the more time on stage the comic has; but if you fail to deliver, get ready for the GONG!Come and see comedians from all over the world give it all they got, hosted by the Champion of Comedy, Mum-Z from South Africa! Three audience members will be chosen as judges, and given flags to raise once they're tired of a comic on stage. Once all three flags are up, it's game over for the comic.🕐 Doors: 9:30 PM, Show starts: 10 PM🚨 Number of seats is strictly limited! Please book seats in advance at https://stealtheshow.ticketscloud.org/❗Reservations expire at 9:45 PM📍Place: Староваганьковский пер 19, стр 3 / Starovagankovsky lane 19/3 (performance space under Papa Blues, with the Steal the Show sticker on the door)🤑 Entrance is not free, but you can pay whatever you want; leave as much as you think we deserve (any paper note you prefer).❗The bar DOES NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS, only cash/bank transfer

Концерт «English Standup Gong Show» прошёл в Steal The Show Comedy 13 мая 2021 года.

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