Trance Universe. No Boundaries

Концерт «Trance Universe. No Boundaries»

Это прошедший концерт.

16 июня Москва станет вторым городом мира, где Roger Shah презентует свой новый альбом под названием «No Boundaries», а на танцполе встретятся главные trance-нации планеты, ведь в эти дни нас ожидают футбольные матчи Аргентины, Мексики и Германии! ⚽
Extended set в формате LIVE станет настоящим путешествием без границ через творчество легендарного немца под собственным именем и псевдонимом Sunlounger!
А Россию представит человек, внесший неоценимый вклад в развитие отечественной trance-сцены, создатель и идейный вдохновитель фестиваля Trancemission — Feel.
Уникальности событию добавят диджеи команды Trance Universe, в выступлениях которых прозвучат uplifting и psy-trance сеты, а также традиционный сет классики на виниле.

On June 16, Moscow will be the second city in the world where Roger Shah presents his new album called «No Boundaries». The main trance nations of the planet will meet on the dance floor, as football matches of Argentina, Mexico and Germany are waiting for us these days! ⚽️
The extended set in LIVE format will become a real journey without borders through the creativity of the legendary German under his own name and the pseudonym Sunlounger!
And Russia will be represented by a man who made an invaluable contribution to the development of the domestic trance scene, the creator and inspirer of the Trancemission festival — Feel.
The uniqueness of the event will be added by the DJs of the Trance Universe team, whose performances will feature uplifting and psy-trance sets, as well as the traditional classics set on vinyl.

After 7 years of waiting, the main hitmaker and creator of the balearic trance, Roger Shah, excited the listeners around the world with his new studio album «No Boundaries», brought together cult musicians such as Feel, Aly & Fila, Sied van Riel, Stoneface & Terminal, RAM, JES, Moya Brennan, Jennifer Rene, Susana, Inger Hansen, Zara Taylor and many others. Success was inevitable and today it is storming the world music charts!

Roger Shah is one of the most titled artists on the trance scene, which for 20 years of his career has 8 albums under his own name and the pseudonym Sunlounger, countless immortal hits with which whole generations have grown up. His track Zanzibar is the title track for the cult compilation of Tiesto In Search Of Sunrise: Los Angeles, and White Sand is the title track for the annual compilation A State Of Trance, Going Wrong was one of the most memorable live performances of Armin Only: Imagine. And tunes like Lost and Unbreakable were recognized as the best trance tracks of the year. This list can be continued! The fruitful work of the artist led to world recognition. Roger Shah has featured in DJ Mag Top 100 list 5 times!

Phillip Belikov, better known as Feel, already represents Russia on the international scene for about 10 years, receiving repeated recognition as one of the world’s best DJs. Being the creator of the Trancemission festival and the host of the radio show of the same name, he consistently promotes trance music in the territory of our vast homeland!
In spite of the fact that Feel is well known to the visitors of the Transmission, at the Trance Universe festival he will reveal himself on the new side, presenting to the public a special Unlimited set, which can be described as a musical journey along all sides of trance music.
2018 marked by the world tour of Roger Shah in support of the album «No Boundaries», Moscow becomes one of the first cities where the best music on the planet will sound!
On these days, Moscow will host football matches Germany-Mexico and Argentina-Iceland, so we have a unique opportunity to check which of the four famous trance-nations is the main one on the dance floor!
The event will be held with the support of VIC, Sergi Guliov, Goer, Sasha Sha and many others.
The Theater Club (Barclaya 6c2) will once again become a real universe with two galaxies filled with trance sounds in all its versatility — from atmospheric progressive to high-speed uplifting.

As is known, complete silence reigns in space, but we will have everything differently!

Концерт «Trance Universe. No Boundaries» прошёл в Театръ 16 июня 2018 года.