МАКБЕТ///MACBETH 13 октября

13 октября в Москве (Cобор Св. Андрея) состоялось мероприятие «МАКБЕТ///MACBETH».

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Macbeth Stunning melo-declamation piece interpreted for Hammond organ and electronic soundscape — «electronic versus prehistoric.» Macbeth uses the neo gothic splendor of St Andrew’s famed acoustics with the chilling, macabre and ghostly addition of the Hammond organ and the finely tuned tonsils of a lone opera singer reverberating around the wooden beams of the church’s vaulted canopy; all embellished with a series of expertly programmed mapping sequences and a canonical delivery of the text, fabulously animated by great actors. There may even be a sword fight or two. This year our performance is going to be on Friday the thirteenth — so if you’re easily scared, stay under your duvet... or, come to the after party and drink Scotch whisky. «like the cat i’the adage.» Last year our performance was completely sold out; this year it is going to be even more spectacular.

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